Media-With-An-Agenda (A.K.A. “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”)

We live in a Democracy: a government that works based on the premise that the citizens of the US will educate themselves on the issues at hand, and vote on leaders who they feel will make the best decisions to address those issues. However, educating ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult. Many are getting their news by following the social media links of others that share the same views, using the same television and radio resources, and going to the same print materials. And news is no longer simply that: it’s often reported with an opinion and bias attached — and people seek out … Continue reading Media-With-An-Agenda (A.K.A. “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”)

‘Good Guy’ Muslims: Why America Should Embrace Its Islamic People

“Living is easy with eyes closed — Misunderstanding all you see.” — John Lennon It was voting day. Despite having a flight to catch, I went to the polls and waited 45 minutes to vote for a candidate who only … Continue reading ‘Good Guy’ Muslims: Why America Should Embrace Its Islamic People

The Peace of Christmas Day

“Add all the grief that people may bear, total the strife, the troubles and care. Put them in columns and leave them right there, the peace of Christmas Day.” – John Denver As this Christmas morning began, I have to admit I had let myself succumb to a foul spirit. As long as I’ve had Christmases, those Christmas’s have most often existed under the dark cloud of my mother’s mood, and this one is no different. Upset that I won’t sell her my car for half its value, and mapping out her other one-way expectations she likes to call the “special … Continue reading The Peace of Christmas Day

Beware the Irish Lavatory (VIDEO)

In Kenmare, Ireland and extra night on this rainy day, Stacey and I decided to have a nice meal and take in some music at one of the local pubs, O’Donnabhain’s.  Phenominal food (I had the Irish stew), peaceful and warm, the place is cozy and highly recommended. The gentleman singing, remembered for the gleam in his eye, played an entire catalog of songs documenting Irish history.  Important Irish history.  The following is one of his songs about seven elderly women who once broke into a bathroom, then were found after a week of being locked in.  I’ve included the … Continue reading Beware the Irish Lavatory (VIDEO)