The Peace of Christmas Day

“Add all the grief that people may bear, total the strife, the troubles and care. Put them in columns and leave them right there, the peace of Christmas Day.” – John Denver As this Christmas morning began, I have to admit I had let myself succumb to a foul spirit. As long as I’ve had Christmases, those Christmas’s have most often existed under the dark cloud of my mother’s mood, and this one is no different. Upset that I won’t sell her my car for half its value, and mapping out her other one-way expectations she likes to call the “special … Continue reading The Peace of Christmas Day

The Age of Ill-Communication

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw Folks… we have a problem. I think it may pretty much be met without argument that life, with all its various things to pull one’s focus, has only one truly important element to it: The relationships we develop with other people. One might even say: “Love.” So why are we settling for its inevitable deterioration? Fifteen to twenty years ago, we had phones that worked. We could carry on conversations for hours with our best friend, and we actually did. We did this … Continue reading The Age of Ill-Communication