About IWritetheBlogs

IWritetheBlogs is a 30-something female who likes to say she “grew up in Chicago,” even though she grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.  Yes, she’s one of those annoying people.  A graduate of Second City’s Improv program, as well as The Graduate School at Northwestern University, she recently discovered from the results of an online survey that she is an ENFP with a personality resembling Steve Urkel’s.  She plays guitar and piano and enjoys food far more than it appears she does.  She is also the leading advocate for the group “Creation of a Comical Sarcastic Tone Font”.  These are the direly important factoids all must know about her; the rest will be revealed as the blog continues…. and continues…


9 thoughts on “About IWritetheBlogs

  1. Hi. I don’t want to discourage you, but most of the comments on your About Page are actually spam…. specifically Billie, Jesenia, Carlita, Lakisha, Edgar, Kimberly, ‘sac’ and Bonnie.

    Keep writing, you’ve got an interesting blog here.

        1. I like the ones that don’t even make sense. “it perceives me to incline that your post is topographical to my research base and I feeling much subscription now on”. 🙂

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