This is the Black Widow My Sister Nearly Fed Her Two Year Old

Black Widow AldiGiving grapes to your two year old shouldn’t be a potentially deadly undertaking. But this week, when my sister went to prepare her daughter’s snack, she was greeted with a startling surprise.

“I opened the top of the bag and almost immediately noticed movement in the bag towards the opening. I shrieked and dropped the bag in the sink, finding a large spider perched at the top of my grapes.”

Due to the size and shape of the spider, my sister knew it was like nothing she’d ever seen before. With a 4-month old baby and a two year old in the home, she wanted to take safe precaution to not allow the spider to run or jump from the bag, and ended up boiling the arachnid, bag and all.

After a full hour of boiling, she removed the bag from the burner and took the package to her husband at work. Both were alarmed to find that when they found and removed the now dead spider from the bag, it had a red hourglass on its belly. Sure enough, this spider was a black widow: a potentially deadly spider who had ridden home just behind the seats of her 4-month old baby and two year old daughter — had nearly been handed over to her toddler with her snack.

Black Widow Hourglass Aldi

While this incident happened four days ago, the list of Aldi recalls still does not indicate that these grapes can be a hazard, and Aldi has not publicly commented or given notice to customers that caution should be taken when washing and serving their grapes. In fact, when asked about the incident by local media, both the management of the Sugar Grove, IL store where the grapes were purchased and Aldi Corporate denied knowledge of the incident, despite multiple instances of contact with my sister.

The store has given her a $25 gift card and worked with the distributor to send a large boxes of Halo California mandarin oranges to her home. But she doesn’t want compensation — she just wants Aldi to do the right thing to ensure others aren’t put at risk. Black widow bites are potentially deadly to small children, elderly and pets. This was a close call.

While these grapes were purchased from Aldi in Sugar Grove, IL — it has come to our attention that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Just this year black widows have been reported in grapes from BJ’s in Pennsylvania, Shaw’s in Massachusetts, a Walmart in Michigan and yet another Aldi in Lemington Spa — just to name a few instances. A former produce clerk reports that it’s common knowledge in his line of work to be aware when stocking, moving or washing fruit, as a variety of dangerous insects, spiders and even snakes can be brought in from other locations. Yet overall, the general public is unaware that this can be an issue. We feel this needs to change.

Please… make sure you closely examine, open and wash all of your produce, especially if you have small children, elderly, anyone infirmed or pets living with you. While black widow bites are wickedly unpleasant for all involved, they are potentially deadly in these situations.

We hope that Aldi Corporate decides to stop attempting to hide this incident and opts to do the right thing: informing their customers of the potential danger, here. Many people could be made to suffer or could die — but this doesn’t have to be the case. Awareness is key, and people need to know this happens so that they can take the appropriate steps towards safety.


5 thoughts on “This is the Black Widow My Sister Nearly Fed Her Two Year Old

  1. In spite of what the law says, corporations are not people, and really don’t give a s__t about anyone they sell to, as long as they pay for the product. Those at the head of such entities use the law to excuse their own unethical complicity in such events as these…

    Possibly one of the oldest human proverbs, common to every culture on the planet, through most of our history is the adage, “Let the buyer beware!” So, in essence, this danger should be something everyone knows about, yet, they don’t…..

    Unfortunately, the government of this country, and every other, WANTS us to believe our safety is in their sphere of responsibility; it is not. Nor is their job to make sure the food we eat is clean, or the water, or any other normal life necessity is fulfilled. But, since birth, we are taught to believe that it IS their job; moreover we are taught to believe a) they have our interests at heart, and b) they CAN make us safe….

    Sadly, neither of those beliefs is true either. The world is a dangerous place; those who forget it always suffer some kind of consequence…

    All that being said, it is NOT right, or ethical, or moral, or any other of the finer human ideas that are supposed to regulate our behavior, for corporations to be able to cause such acts of negligent cruelty to their customers. It is the same as if any person shot or hurt or otherwise harms someone by negligence; there needs to be a societal consequence for such actions….

    Since, ultimately, we only have those rights we can, and are willing to defend, it thus becomes OUR responsibility, as a citizen of this country, to stay informed. and to bring incidents such as this into public awareness, as you are doing….

    Myself, I would have never gone to the corporation for any relief. or expected any show of ethical behavior… I’d have gone straight to some investigative reporter in Chicago, or other large town, who would dearly LOVE a story like this, upon which they could make their name…. But, that’s me; I believe in MAKING corporate entities toe the ethical line, and the best method is to make their acts VERY,VERY well known, along with a lot of sarcasm. and just plain bad publicity, which will hit them where they least like it, right in their bottom line profits….

    This is a good lesson; Henry David Thoreau once stated such a lesson, when he said, “No method or technique can ever replace the necessity to be ever alert.”

    Good post; thought provoking as well as informative…. But, I suggest you get a little meaner, and take it back to the major new outlets who might be willing to take a few shots at a corporation…. As long as it isn’t the same one that owns the paper, it should work….

    Be careful out there; it’s getting more dangerous in the Big Blue Room outside our homes….. and the government, which is owned by the corporations (never doubt that; it’s a fact, with too much evidence to deny….), is trying to get in the door, through our computers, or any other way they can….

    gigoid. the dubious


    1. Thank you for your comment and I believe you’re mostly dead on. My sister and I have both contacted NBC, ABC, WGN the Chicago Tribune, etc. No one responds. My best guess is that Aldi advertises with them and, therefore, they don’t want to hurt advertising dollars. I’m not sure why no one is assisting with spreading the word, but we’re doing the best we can.

      1. Since you’re online, try some alternative news sites .ThinkProgress, NaturalNews, CounterPunch, the Daily Kos, etc. Move will enable you to start a petition to send to legislators in Congress, which they send to literally millions of people, many of whom are activists who spread the word when the sign, thus reaching more… all worth a try

        Good luck, corpsnakes are slithery and tricky….

        And theres always the ACLU, which is potentially your best get for some sort of action to get their notice… They have a lot of media pull for widespread issue re: issues like the food we eat…

        I am sure you’r doing your best; you’ve a lot of investment, so, don’t give up; these days, there are thousands of organizations who will help people with getting the word out to a lot of people, and, once it hit a certain level on Twitter, becoming trended hashtag, the corpsnakes and main stream can no longer afford to ignore it…

        Hope any of that helps… and best of luck…

        Forgot; have you tried radio stations; lots of alternative, rogue stations everywhere…Also, though fewer, there are alternative radio stations, too… including public broadcasting stations that might be interested.

        All you can do is all you can do.

        gigoid, the dubious


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