Learn From the Looney Toons

When I came upon this bird in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, I believed that it was standing stark still out of terror. I have to admit to wondering a bit, as well, if it was having some sort of stroke. For over five minutes, the bird and I seemed to stare at one another, completely still except for the opportunities I took to move closer to photograph it.

Blake joined me, and another couple joined us in our wonderment. Surrounded, the bird still didn’t move. We looked on for nearly ten minutes as the bird just seemed to stare into nothingness, still as a statue, and pondered reasons this may be happening until we finally came upon the true answer.

At the edge of the sea sat a small crab, digging its way out of the surf, occasionally tossing the tiniest amount of sand into the air. Little did he know he was about to become bird seed.

We watched the bird hunting this crab in slow motion for over twenty minutes before WE gave up. The bird likely got his meal in the end; he sure deserves to after this long stake out.

The video below is not in slow motion; this was the genuine pace the bird took  — sometimes so slow you could barely sense the bird’s movement:

Maybe we DID actually learn, as kids, from the Looney Toons. If I ever return to Jamaica, I’m taking this bird some old Roadrunner / Coyote footage. Beep beep!


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