A Ticket to Ride

While at lunch with my friend Steph about a week and a half ago, she invited me to church on Christmas Eve with her and my friend, Sara.

I contacted the two of them, today, to confirm that we’re meeting up tomorrow, and Sara asked if I’d “gotten my ticket?”. She explained that you need to order a ticket online to go to Christmas Eve mass.

Begrudgingly, I went through with the charade of attempting to order a ticket to church. This went against every belief I have about God, as I really don’t think God would ever require a ticket for entry to worship Him. But, still believing this could be a nice time with my friends and a good hour for me, I figured I’d participate in the nonsense to ensure I get to be there.

However… church is “SOLD OUT”.

Screen Shot 2012-12-23 at 12.18.17 PM

I would like to go to church for the first time in ages, but can not. Because the church will not issue me a ticket to church service.

Years ago, I was a regular participant in organized religion, having become a Christian in high school. However, experiences in Japan around Buddhism, persecution from the church against some dear homosexual friends and the inappropriate use of Christianity to back up political or business agendas made me take a step back to reevaluate.

Today, I am more secure than ever in believing that God and the Universe are great, my faith in that bigger picture is strong… but the church needs to check itself.

I believe that God would really enjoy a packed house, standing room only. God would enjoy overflow into the lobby. I don’t believe that God turns people away.

Update: My best friend, Amanda, has employed me to “crash church”, wanting to see a story about me desperately trying to get in, flailing arms and all, as security removes my ticketless soul from the service. Hmmmm…


4 thoughts on “A Ticket to Ride

  1. I completely agree. I have never heard of needing tickets to a Christmas Eve service…or it being sold out! Yikes!! Are you gonna go anyway? Or someplace else that doesn’t require a ticket? Merry Christmas!

    1. I know… It’s incredible. No, now I won’t be going. I was going to go with two of my friends and their families — don’t want to go alone. I thought you might be amazed, as well, by this entry. So wrong to turn people away.

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