Note Reflections

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge submission

Photo Credit: IWriteTheBlogs
Photo Credit: IWriteTheBlogs

The shot above was taken of in friend’s pond, Virginia. It was an oddly warm day for October, just before the great Hurricane / snow storm this year. I sat on his the little fishing-pier his family built and got lost in this other, upside down world for a good hour of the day. I watched the birds fly by underneath the trees, the clouds roll through the water. The feeling was that of complete calm, one-with-the-world, and complexity, as I found myself trying to figure out how I could somehow sink in to this topsy-turvy, gorgeous world and just melt away.

Photo Property of: IWriteTheBlogs
Photo Property of: IWriteTheBlogs

Staring into these upside down realms has been a long time habit of mine. This photo was shot in 2006 by my cousin. I’ve always really loved the series of photographs we took this day. The lake at Pipestem State Park, WV, was completely still, and allowed for all sorts of photo mind-games.


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