No One is Listening

“You wouldn’t care so much about what people think about you if you knew how little they did.” – Phillip C. McGraw

Tonight my friend Joel and I were at a coffee shop in the suburbs. Realizing that a story he was telling about a harmless crush was slightly provocative, he stopped himself mid-sentence to say: “My God. I’m pretty sure everyone just quieted down and started listening in on our conversation. They must think we are incredible oddballs… I’ll keep it down.”

Joel had his back to the rest of the shop, whereas I could see it all. Framed like a perfect scene in a movie, there was Joel worried that everyone had quieted to listen to him. And behind Joel was, in fact, a large crowd of incredibly quiet people.

All using sign language to speak to one another. All deaf.

I was able to confidently reassure Joel that no one had taken even the slightest interest in his conversation.


5 thoughts on “No One is Listening

  1. I kind of saw some people using sign language yet it never occurred to me that 20 deaf people would be in a Caribou in the far suburbs on a Friday night. I saw them but didn’t See Them because it was all out of context (at a Caribou, the town where my family has lIved for 70 years, nothing out of the box ever happens there, etc.) My brain processes stuff weirdly, I can get so locked into my head that the view gets narrow.

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