Silhouette (a.k.a. That One Time a Guy Had a Bird Pierce His Chest)

I am a huge fan of hummingbirds. I fill with excitement every time I see them, and have been known to chase them about with my camera… (though I’ve never captured the perfect photo).

But the tiny silhouette of this little guy I photographed hiding in the tree triggered a hummingbird story of a whole different color… One I was recently told at a dinner party.

A friend of mine, on a motorcycle trip with his friend Bob, was speeding along some back-country roads when, out of the blue, Bob was struck with some incredibly shocking chest pain.

Unsure whether the pain was internal, whether he’d hit a bee… unable to determine what the source of the pain was, at all, Bob quickly zipped up his leather jacket to cover himself and decided to keep on until they could stop in a more populated area.

Finally able to pull over at a gas station, the two unzipped Bob’s jacket to examine the now ridiculously painful wound. Bob’s chest just covered with blood, clarifying that he’d been hit by something on the road.

The two were unable to identify what the object was until they pulled it from his chest. There, from the center of the wound, was the head of a hummingbird. When the jacket was zipped, it had taken off the rest of the little bird’s body.

My jaw about hit the table as he finished the story, as I have never heard of such a thing and certainly didn’t imagine the story ending this way. But I guess it throws caution to riders out there; be aware of nature’s little creatures, as they can be a true danger to us (just as you can be a true danger to them) on the road.

And beware “The Birds”, as Alfred Hitchcock just may have correctly predicted the beginning of the end… 😉


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