Lesson #51: Happy

WordPress has begun an interesting Weekly Photo Challenge, gracefully brought to my attention by my friend Stacey who runs: One Beautiful Thing.

The first challenge is found here, and is: Happy.

Recently invited by friends to go with them to their “family farm” in Virginia, I soon found myself at their glorious $2.2 million dollar hidden-away treasure. And it was… life-changing.

Lessons learned? This trip led to many…

Another reward of incalculable value I’ve been given for taking a chance, this trip served as proof, yet again, that trusting that “deep down in your soul” feeling you get about good people will pay off.

Planning this trip was… honestly?… uncomfortable. Though I’ve held these former co-workers with the highest regard since meeting them, I had no idea how spending time at their far-away home would be, much less if going on this trip was even appropriate. They still freelance at a job I was let-go from. And this was to be a collection of couples: mostly family, some friends. On the skirts of a break-up, I wasn’t sure I could even relate to a large group or act as good company.

But I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun. Felt this at peace. I became a different version of myself: building on my life-long love of the mountains and outdoors, but taking it further — assisting in the killing of and eating of fish from their pond (I normally can’t kill a bug!! Who is this person!?). Off-roading in a Land Rover through briar bushes and streams. Blowing foreign horns out into the mountain canyons, listening to the sounds exploding in a never ending echo. Exploring old and abandoned structures on the property, absolutely alive with the energy from all the history, abound. Then simply sitting in a floating chair, staring out at the canvas of fall colors blanketed over the mountains.

It was incredible.

I learned to live. To revel in great friendships. I relearned, after a really difficult year of relationships, that I matter. That I don’t deserve an ounce of crap from anyone.

And I learned the world is just plain going to be alright. No matter what negativity may be around you in your current space, it’s these little escapes that keep things okay.


8 thoughts on “Lesson #51: Happy

  1. I can’t find your renewal photo theme but I love this one. These are really happy pictures. I miss sceneries of the fall like these. Nothing looks even close to it in Southern California. Mostly brown all over, unless you chase the colors, which is what I’ve been doing these past few weeks.

      1. That’s true. We do have beautiful wildflowers in the spring. I captured some last year I’m using for my 2013 calendar and I plan to get more photos next spring.

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