Order From the Kids Menu

Our adventures in Doolin and Ireland’s Burren were the perfect way to end the week with Stacey.  I’d been to the west coast before and had fallen in love with it; with cliffs spilling into the sea, the near moon-rock terrain and a captivating history, this area is among the most beautiful places I have been. It was with anticipation that I returned.

We took it easy the first night in, simply visiting a pub I remembered from the past: Gus O’Conner’s.  I recognized the front of the pub immediately, but had somehow forgotten the scene across the street; the lonely white horse had made an impression, before, and was still there, cast in the moonlight.

One can’t really mess up a chicken finger, but I remembered those at Gus O’Conner’s to be top notch and, hungry, I was eager to dig in. The chicken, however, was nowhere to be found amongst the entrees. Disappointed and working to find a “this will do” substitution, I was pleased to find the Chicken Goujons hiding within the kids menu… And it was on! (After all, I can so pass for 12 years old…)

We ended up visiting the pub a total twice before leaving, as it was that pleasant of an experience. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the food is excellent, the crowd is typically from all-over Europe and the live music sets the perfect tempo for conversation. I’ve included a short clip of the musicians. Don’t sit in their booth! You’ll be shooed out straight away…


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