Don’t Tell People Your Dreams. Show Them.

I’ve been dreaming of this trip to Ireland since I was last here…
when tour guide Desmond Murray’s Leprechauns played playful jokes on us the whole day through, but eventually led us to the treasure at the end of the rainbow,


when I saw one of the top ten most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen, a dew-cast field made iridescent by the sun, filled with curious sheep who chased me each time I’d turn my back to them,

when the beauty experienced within just a few steps inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral caused me to sit down and weep with admiration,

when I experienced invincibility,

and when merely hanging around downtown Dublin led to one of my all time favorite, yet simple shots.

Here’s to my dreams for this trip coming true.  In whatever magnificent form and sequence they choose to appear…

And here’s to you following your dreams. There’s no time like now… Stop talking about them and do!


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