Lesson #22: Take Time to Celebrate Life’s Little Accomplishments…

I achieved a little something today… a bit of a “Woo Ha!” accomplishment. Today, my little 33-entry blog reached 1,000 page views.

Blogging has been an interesting hobby – one that brings surprise and makes you reflect in ways unexpected. A blogging “newbie” with only a few months behind me, a few things that have stood out from my WordPress experience:

1) That Famous Publisher Hasn’t Found Me Yet!?!?!?!?
This is really the most shocking thing and deserved first mention. Don’t most bloggers hook that spectacular connection somewhere around their third entry?  And begin filming their major motion picture soon after!?  I mean, I’ve got big dreams, and they pretty much start when my stories from this baby go eBook, and Gwyneth Paltrow has to figure out how to get her hair to look like mine.  So any day now, guys.  Any day.  I mean… I’m about to have to get into the amply personal and uncomfortable stuff to keep readers entertained, and I don’t think any of us want to see that happen without a talk show appearance and a national tour to sell the crap out of the tale.  So I’ll hold out on the goods a bit longer… I’m just waiting for the call…

2) Everyone I Know Doesn’t Want to Read What I Have to Say.
Another huge shock to my ever-so-fragile ego, out of my current 34 subscribers, I only know 7, personally. With small attempts to self-promote to 25-30 of my closest friends on Facebook, I’m finding that my friends either can’t read, can’t remember who I am and/or really don’t care to read about my adventures at the bowel doctor or my desert habits. Apparently, I’m just not as fascinating as I think I am.

All kidding aside, one of the most amazing things about this online world is the amount of support, insight and random knowledge a writer gains from fellow bloggers. A HUGE thanks to all of you for the shine you’ve brought to my world. What fun this has been.

3) Stories Sometimes Just Ain’t Easy to Tell…
This has been, perhaps, the most surprising thing about blogging. I began this knowing I had stories to share and believing I would share them with all the freedoms of a novel or journal, hidden by a pen name or, eventually, overcoming any hang-ups I had about being an open book with my readers. But due to the public nature of the blog, the power of Google, the need for a job, the need I feel to protect the flawed people in my tales, and the fear of judgment, the stories that make my blog are much more restricted than I thought they would be.  Then, sometimes, what makes the blog gets edited, further, as anxiety or Captain Grammar kicks in.

And though people are quick to become engrossed in a best-seller about a steamy romance, abusive childhood or any other day-to-day “unspeakable” situation, the same population feels inviting people to read about these things without the paycheck and publisher is “self-indulgent”, “narcissistic”, “much too personal”, “a little crazy”, and so on.  The challenge seems to be finding just the right balance of topics, timing and place to prove that you deserve that publisher and paycheck.  A lesson I’ve yet to learn, and yet hope to as I experience more and more of this world (and hear from more and more of you…)

For those of you who helped me make it to 1,000 – thanks for helping me achieve my mini-accomplishment.  See you when I reach 5,000!


8 thoughts on “Lesson #22: Take Time to Celebrate Life’s Little Accomplishments…

  1. Number two really pertains to me, why don’t my friends want to read about my adventures?-I have often wondered this- I think the blogger is a type of person who just doesn’t have the same traits as those who do not indulge in the blogosphere.

    Of course we know they are missing out-all kinds of treasures to share and explore… But when I look at my own interests, there is something compelling about reading strangers’ work. Maybe we all want a little fiction combined with control over our own interests.

    I also understand the third point as one that pertains to me. One way to think about it is that there are many aspects of a personality. The one who blogs is only one part of mine-the rest of the aspects think Miss Corrigan is boring-they don’t read her blog either. So dive into one of your other personalities and do a super secret blog for all the stories you can’t seem to tell under this one.

  2. My coworkers and I look forward to each of your postings. They are delivered with blunt honesty and raw emotions. Most of your experiences are shared by others. Makes us feel that we are not alone. YOU WILL make it to 5000! And more. Glad to hear your spirits are lifted.

    Your friend,

    deserve happiness.

    1. I had the afterthought that I should have written a humorous section, a shout out to you, in this article on how to get page views, one being “write up the story of your ex-boyfriend”. Out of all the ways I imagined people would enjoy this blog, I never imagined it could help someone so directly. : ) That was amazing and glad we made the connection!!

          1. Yeah, you should! It’s quaint and exotic and very spiritual but there are cautionary tales of course. Check the weather when planning. Not monsoon, not summer but then it depends whether you’re heading South or North or Northeastern,

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