Venture Outside

A most simple lesson learned: Travel.

Travel far from home.  Travel alone, travel with those you love.  Travel to see things you’ve never seen before; travel to see the things you see everyday in a different light.  Travel to see that your world isn’t the only world – to appreciate the people and things in it and to gain insight how to fix the things you don’t like.   Travel to see that your ideas aren’t the only ideas, and to meet others who share your ideas.

Travel to form your own opinions – to see things first hand.  Travel to rest, be inspired, grieve, miss someone, write, soak up some foreign sun, get lost and be found.

Travel to understand history.  Travel to see the Universe.  Travel to see fragility.  Travel to understand that there is purpose and sanctity and beauty in all that we are and all that we do – in everything that makes up this world.

Travel to see the art and effort and sweat and pain of those you’ve only read about.  Travel to understand the uselessness of hate – the fiction of stereotypes.  Travel to meet those so simultaneously like and unlike you.

Travel to know that there is somewhere else… something else… that there is always an escape.  Travel to know the feeling of coming home.  Travel to imagine yourself at home elsewhere.

A lesson I could never, never give up once it was learned…  For the constant and peaceful stirring in my soul to wander and experience, I thank everyone I encountered in Japan.  My first trip off US soil, the serenity and honor in everything, from stone and dirt to everything living, that made up Japan will forever leave an impact on me.

If you haven’t been outside… go.

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