Beware Half-Off Deals

Groupon-300x300Vacation Day, and first thing on the agenda is to find a good deal on a one-hour massage.  One of a lucky five patrons to purchase a Groupon Now! deal for half-off at a local salon, I pick up the phone to make my appointment:

“Hi, I just purchased your Groupon Now! for a One-Hour Massage, and I’d like to see what times you have available today,” I say.

A time selected, the receptionist begins to enter my name into the computer system.  This take an inordinately long time, as does entering my e-mail.  She apologizes: “Sorry, I only have one hand,”.

“No problem!  No hurry,” I say, trying to be friendly… and wondering if she means that literally.

“Okay, I’LL see you at 3:45 this afternoon,” she ends.

Guess there may be a reason my massage is half-off.


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