Don’t Climb Inside a Plastic Bubble

One for the “Cool and Amazing Jobs” archive, I spent a summer not too long ago as an Event Manager for an automotive brand.  Tasked with “meeting people where they were at”, experiencing everything from charity events to extreme sports with the masses, it was one exciting and thoroughly enjoyable summer.

Except for this day.  On this day, my colleague and I got the brilliant idea to experience bubble wrestling while mingling with a carnival crowd.  It looked absolutely amazing, since we hadn’t actually seen anyone do it yet.  But who wouldn’t want to be inflated into a large plastic bubble?!

Let me tell you… you don’t want to.

Not only does this require that you spend time getting a little too familiar with what it feels like to be an actor in a Criminal Minds victim-in-a-body-bag sequence, nearly suffocating, but sucking in the vapor and sweat of those in the bag before you:

But once fully “bubbilized”, the air is stale and seemingly void of oxygen, the stench is of melting / cooked plastic and the sun begins to heat your skin like that of an ant under a magnifying glass.  Trying to put on a good front, my coworker and I bounced off each other a couple times, struggling for balance all the while.  But in T-minus three minutes I was DONE.  In a near panic, the couple minutes it took to deflate and expel from that thing felt like utter torture.

We emerged from our plastic prisons sweat-soaked and ill, unable to eat the rest of the day, and just… off.  Though it lasted only minutes, it’s a terrible-ly funny memory that will last our lives.  Trust the both of us… take our word for it… plastic bubbles are not the fun they’re promoted to be.


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