Find Humor in Disappointments…

I can only describe it as “deep admiration”… the feeling that sparks inside me when I think of my friend, Danielle.  Standing about 5’3”, yet affectionately known as “Sumo” for her larger-than-life presence, Danielle just “is”.  Be it her rapid-fire English to Mandarin to Spanish-speak, her refusal to just “wear what is comfortable” when trying on different jobs or her current immersion into all that is Beijing, the list of “things to admire about my friend” nears endless — may she recognize and embrace her own pizazz.

My story occurs during a short time-out Danielle recently took from her Chinese sabbatical, during which we were able to schedule some time to meet up and wander Chicago’s Old Town Art Fest.  The sights and crowd a bit too distracting for catch-up, we found ourselves grabbing some drinks at nearby Dublin’s, immersed enough in discussion to tune out to the hubbub we eventually discovered around us.

“Bono”, famed lead-singer for U2 and worldwide activist, was in the bar.  We only discovered this due the pair of gushing women across from us for, at the point they clued us in, his very large bodyguard was guarding the very small men’s room “Bono” had ducked into.  But, sure enough, “Bono” emerged, stopping on his way out to swap stories and pose for photos with the ale-guzzling groups.

Now… I am neither pro-Bono or anti-Bono.  I like me some “With or Without You” and “All I Want is You”, but haven’t ever really taken to U2’s music.  To each their own.  However, I’m not one to miss opportunities, and decided to get him to pose with us for a photo.

Danielle could have given a sh$%; in fact, I think the poor girl almost crawled under the table to avoid the commotion.  But not only did “Bono” agree to pose for a pic with us, he grabbed my face at the most awkward of angles, and planted a big kiss on my cheek… a kiss that lasted at least 30-seconds as, not having a camera with me, one of the women who clued us in agreed to take and send me the picture.  On her first attempt, her flash didn’t go off so… *sigh*… “Bono” just had to kiss me longer.  “Are you just loving this, dear?” he asked, all-Irishy.  He had hold of my face at such an odd angle, I couldn’t say it was super.  And on attempt #2, after much button-pushing and camera-fiddling, flash was achieved!  “Bono” and entourage exited the bar, dashing off in a  Hummer limousine.

Six weeks of emailing the poor photographer for the picture… and it finally arrived!  I couldn’t wait to post it on Facebook to combat rumors that this was “Fake-Bono”, (since Bono was on the Tony Awards, supposedly live from New York, at almost the same time as my bar sighting).  My “Bono” had to be the real Bono!  And now I had the proof!

Meet Danielle, everyone.

This is the picture the woman took.  This is my evidence of Bono.  ARHGHGHGGH!

So, one random night Bono from U2 came up and kissed me in a bar!  Or… one random night some creepy, much-older, snake of a man came up and pretended he was Bono so he could kiss me in a bar.

The only further evidence supporting the better scenario is that the same character showed up at a neighboring bar the following night, escorted by Chicago-police, and sang  “Happy Birthday” to his friend – exactly as “Bono’s manager” said he intended to do, the night we met him.

Meanwhile, USA Today reported that Bono was across the country at an event for charity.

I guess Santa has “helpers”.  Why wouldn’t Bono subscribe to the same plan?

It happened to me, and I will never know for sure what happened to me…


2 thoughts on “Find Humor in Disappointments…

  1. I left out the part where he proposed marriage to not upset any of the other women he’s involved with. And really, my “he proposed marriage” stories just start to get old… there’s so many of them. : )

    I miss you!! Looking forward to more of your blog soon… and another US visit.

  2. Aww you’re too kind with all this. Really it’s too much. Really! I’m not 5’3, only a humble 5’2. But I’m glad you think me so tall. (All the other wonderful compliments are absolutely true, though ;P).

    And as for Bono: it was totally the real Bono! I would have no idea, nor would I care, but as the partner in crime during said questionable rendezvous with said superstar I will backup whatever tall tale Liz decides to weave this into including (but definitely not limited to): enchanting marriage proposals, bloody barroom brawls and an unending parade of equally famous (but perhaps younger, better looking) celebrites. It’s not lying unless you were sure of the truth yourself!

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