“I Go Where the Wind Goes — You Can’t Tame a Wild Rose. Welcome to My Crazy Life.”

The idea for this blog occurred to me while standing in front of the bathroom mirror of my highrise Chicago apartment today for the last time – I move out tomorrow, on to a new chapter of life.  A rush of the good, bad, bittersweet times from the past couple years in this tiny space on the 15th floor sped through my brain to the soundtrack of the rushing water in front of me, and the peace I felt from the pleasure and pain of it all sparked a tiny, content smile.  I realized that I finally had a direction for my writing.  And to those of you who have struggled with finding structure for your words, you know that there are no words to describe the excitement in that.

LittleLessonsLearned will be a collection of lesson statements, followed by the stories that prompted them to be worthy of notation.  The only goals of this blog are: helping people… showing people they are not alone in the good and bad that happen to them… and (of course) entertaining the masses*

Here I am world.  I look forward to meeting all of you now anonymous to me, as I look forward to this new venture.  Welcome to my crazy life.


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